On her latest recording, Katie had the unique opportunity of recording a direct-to-disc LP for the Berliner Meister Schallplatten label.  The process of making such a recording has been compared to walking a tightrope, as the performance is captured directly onto a lacquer disc from a single take, with no possibility for editing enhancement of any kind.  The video of Our Love is Here to Stay (below) gives a glimpse of the recording. 

Katie describes the process thus:

“Recording a direct-to-disc has a special kind of energy, very much like that of a live concert.  It is a unique and incredible experience because it truly captures the inspiration of the moment. Every nuance, every emotion, every wrong note, is forever preserved on vinyl, to be played and replayed. There are no tricks, no fakes. The artist must have the courage to bare his soul for the microphone, and when he does, the direct-to-disc becomes a uniquely authentic representation of the artist.”

Recording is hand numbered, limited edition. Visit and/or

Photos: Katie with recording engineer Rainer Maillard; Katie recording in the Meistersaal, Berlin; Steinway D provided by Steinway-Haus Berlin.