Each and every one of us is shaped by the place where we spend our earliest years. Mozart was no exception. Although one of the first true cosmopolites of classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a native of Salzburg, Austria, and it was in this picturesque city at the foot of the Alps that “Wolferl” took his first breaths and played his first notes. It was there, in the comfort of a happy home in the city’s old town, that the talent of one of the world’s most beloved composers was first discovered and that his genius came to be.

Mozart Snapshots explores the composer’s relationship to his home town through fun-filled conversations, insightful interviews and once-in-a-lifetime visits to interesting locations in Salzburg that have a special connection to Mozart and his family, then and now. Join us each week for a new snapshot from the life of “the Miracle which God let be born in Salzburg”.

Mozart Snapshots is a collaboration with Colorado Public Radio and are featured Wednesdays on Midday Mozart with Karla Walker.

Introducing: Mozart Snapshots!
An exclusive new series that follows Mozart’s footsteps through the city of his birth. Katie takes us to places where no tourists are allowed!
Mozart played the organ. Who knew?
In this episode of Mozart Snapshots, Katie Mahan takes us inside the Salzburger Dom and gives us an exclusive tour of the organ Mozart played every week with the current organist of the cathedral.
Mozart: The room where it happened
In this episode of Mozart Snapshots, Katie Mahan takes us into Mozart’s Geburtshaus (birthplace) for a tourist-free walk through the house and shares a wealth of information about his early years.
Mozart’s favorite meal
Mozart was wined and dined by royalty, yet in his extensive correspondences with family and friends, he rarely commented on the food he was served. So just what did he like to eat?
Leopold Mozart and the Salzburg Bull
The medieval fortress Festung Hohensalzburg is not only the most famous landmark of Salzburg, but it also has the oldest continually operating mechanical organ in the world. Leopold Mozart has a special connection to this unique organ. On this episode, we get to take an up-close, one-of-a-kind look at the organ and a private walk through the princely rooms of the fortress for a discussion of just who “Papa” Mozart was!